Criminal Defense

Stephen Jones and his team of litigators and assistants offer unparalleled experience when it comes to criminal defense. Being accused of a criminal act can be intimidating, and may carry long-lasting social consequences as well as serious limitations on your personal freedom. We are dedicated and experienced. Our experience positions the firm’s attorneys to quickly and accurately analyze risks, issues and exposures prior to trial. For several decades, Stephen Jones and the firm of Jones, Otjen, Davis & Bloyd have successfully represented major criminal cases. Stephen and the firm especially represented taxpayers in Criminal tax fraud investigations and charges. It is crucial that you entrust your criminal case to an attorney with a strong history of winning criminal cases.  Our firm has a record of success with criminal defense, including many high-profile criminal cases. You need someone who will aggressively protect and fight for you. We are aggressive and fearless. Why wait? Call us today to set up a consultation (580)242-5500.